Our Ethical Annotation Prototype is Live!

The EthicsNet team is working to empower people to infuse their personal sense of values into Artificial Intelligence, teaching it through examples, like a very young child.

We want to make it easy to collect examples of prosocial (or perhaps anti-social) behaviour, to create datasets of behavioral norms which best describe the creeds of specific demographics, as well as specifying those universal values that we all share.

We have created a browser extension (Google Chrome only, for the moment) to make it convenient to annotate examples on-the-fly, whilst one is doing normal activities.

See an apt example? Right-click and tag it in seconds! Tag text, pictures, and video too.

Please install it, and give us your feedback!



We ran a hot competition with a $10,000 prize pot for the best ideas on how to generate a dataset of prosocial norms.

“Bring prosocial requires learning the preferences of others. We need a mechanism to teach those basic preferences (social norms) to machines.”